June 16: The EYUCup is cancelled

Dear players, coaches, parents and supporters

EYUCup, the Youth Camp and the Solidarity Cup in Malmö 2021 are cancelled.

Please read the whole statement for information on hotel payments, etc.

The main reason for the cancellation is the current restriction tourists face when entering Sweden. Most participants were to expect a seven days quarantine after arrival and before being able to play ultimate. We had hopes for reliefs in these restrictions, but after the latest statement from WHO we feel that a cancellation is the only option.

Luckily, all hotels have agreed to push the full value of pre payments made for WJUC 2020 to 2022.  This mean that the value of there payments can be used in 2022.  

The City of Malmö has offered free use of fields, venues and stadiums in 2022. The ultimate community has a strong supporter in the City pf Malmö.   

The push of value and free use of facilities opens for the possibility to host an event in Malmö in 2022 where most teams have paid 50% of the hotel accommodation and where team and player fee will be at a absolute minimum.

We see this as a fantastic opportunity to restart youth ultimate. For some it is actually a matter of saving youth ultimate in their community.  

Therefore, we hope to be able to invite you to an event in Malmö in 2022. 

Stay safe and hope to see you in 2022

Mattias Ahlgren