Statement from the TOC

STATEMENT (February 1, 2021)

Dear players, coaches and parents

The European Ultimate Federation (EUF) is proceeding with preperations for EYUC U20 to be held 17-24 of July 2021 in Malmö (Sweden).

By that, EYUC U20 will be the first main international ultimate event in the world since the pandemic struck us in 2020. One of our objectives as organisers is to find a safe way to restart ultimate. 

First and foremost – safety for all participants is our greatest concern.

The Corona virus will not go away. Ultimate will not be back to normal. Ultimate will have to find a new normal, and EYUC U20 will pioneer how we can start playing ultimate again.    

Under current circumstances it is impossible to hold an international ultimate event. Drastic changes in the situation is required for the tournament to be realized.

Read information on this can be found under the specific Conona information part of the website.

The only thing we as organisers and you as participants can do right now is to prepare for the possibility of the event to happen, plan for safety and security measures and wait for a positive change. The final go signal for EYUC U20 to happen might be given on short notice, so please prepare yourself for a fast decision.

Current timeline is as follows:

On April 1, EUF will issue a statement with one of two possibilities:

  • If the situation and outlook allows for it, preparations for EYUC U20 2021 will continue.
  • If not, EYUC U20 2021 will be cancelled or postponed.

On May 1, team fee is due (if the decision on April 1 will be to continue), 

As a consequence:

  • No action is required from you before April 1.
  • However, we urge you to use the registration tool and provide team admin information starting February 1. By helping us with this, you facilitate the communication process to all teams and participants.
  • No payments required before May 1 (Team Fee only on May 1)
  • 100% refund of Player Fee up to June 15 in the event of a cancellation due to Corona/Covid-19 or similar. 75% refund from June 16 all the way up to tournament start.
  • Lowered player fee compared to WJUC2020. This will impact the level of service at EYUC. But we feel a slimmed down version of EYUC is important since many are struggling financially all over the continent.
  • Hotel only as accommodation provided by the organisers. The main reason is safety, the other is to recover the value pushed by the hotels from WJUC2020.

In reality we are asking of you – the players, coaches and parents – to prepare for the possibility to restart ultimate late in July 2021. We will continue preparations for EYUC 2021 and keep the door open as long as we possible can. First statement will come no later than April 1.

EYUC U20 is played in the mixed, open and women division. EUF member federation can enter a national team in the open and women divisions. The mixed division is open for any national teams, including non-European. To be allowed to play, a player must be born 2002 or later.

We – EUF and the EYUC U20 TOC – hope all teams, players and coaches are able to work with us to try to make ultimate happen again in a safe and responsible manor, and with a new normal for ultimate.

Stay safe and let's hope for the possibility to meet in Malmö in July.

Mattias Ahlgren

TD, EYUC U20 2021 in Malmö Sweden