Change of format to EYUCups

Greek mythology says that the Pandora Box was opened to reveal great illness, hardships and Hope. Pandora was troubled by all of the bad things coming out and closed the box as fast as possible trapping Hope inside.

The EUF continues to keep the box open and give HOPE a chance.

European Youth Ultimate CUPS

Both events will be changed from European Youth Ultimate Championships to smaller, lower cost, 3 - 4 day regional European Youth Ultimate CUPS

Both events will now include the divisions Under 17 and Under 20.

EYUCups are smaller Regional Tournaments for national teams used in the past as preparation events for Championships. The CUPS will have a tournament format and all spots will be played out ensuring competitive games for all participating teams.

EUF Youth Event Rules will apply with minor exceptions (to be determined - age limits, player eligibility and additional teams - with the goal to enable as many Youth players as possible to attend). If you have any recommendations or would like current information from the TOCs please provide your Admin Contact details per event and team below!!!

EYUCup U20/U17 2021 is planned to take place in Malmö, Sweden on August 5th - 8th 2021 (beware: date moved back !!!!).

EYUCup U17/U20 2021 is planned to take place in Hollabrunn, Austria on August 12th - 15th 2021.

Teams can state their preference on which EYUCup to attend; please note: the hotel reservation payments made before the cancelled of WJUC 2020 can be partly recovered by attending the Malmö EYUCup.

The timeline for registration and payments will be defined before the end of April (no payments before June 1st , 2021). The tournament TOCs will contact you with time line information. Please provide your Admin Contacts using the following link. This is not yet a commitment to attend!

Malmö  > https://eyuc.cups.nu/en/j/public/reg

Hollabrunn  > https://forms.gle/2N1btuTkESTw1q2i9

If there are any questions please let us know. For the EUF Youth Ultimate Committee and the TOCs with best regards

Mark Kendall