May 23: Current Team List and status of EYUCup

EYUCup in Malmö: Good news from the Swedish authorities

On May 20, the Swedish authorities announced that starting June 1, outdoor sporting activities like games/matches with up to 500 spectators will be allowed.

This is by no means a specific approval from the authorities for EYUCup to be held. It is a general statement regarding activities from June 1.

But: This is an important and necessary first step in the right direction.

With this positive information, we have decided to continue preperations for EYUCup.

Current team list:

Belgium (open, mixed)
Russia (mixed)
Sweden (open, women)

Denmark (open)
Germany (open)
Hungary (mixed)
Latvia (open, mixed)
Sweden (open)


Please take a look at the timeline (deadlines are changed), the format (updates) and fees (all costs/fees are now published).  

We have also increased the event. The event format for EYUCup will be:

  • August 3-4: Youth Camp / Practice Camp
    Youth players can enter a 2 day clinic with experienced coaches.
    National teams are given the opportunity to arrive early and prepere on site. We will provide fields for you to practice or have warm up games.
  • August 5-8: EYUCup
    U17 and U20 national and club teams are welcome to enter.
    Divisions: Open, mixed and women
    Format: 7 vs 7
  • August 5-8: Solidarity Tournament
    Calling out to the Club Teams of Europe: Help restart ultimate! We will provide good quality fields in the heart of Malmö, you will get good match ups and we will all help restart ultimate again.
    Divisions: Open, mixed and women
    Format: 7 vs 7, Club Teams (senior)
    Limit: Maximum 8 teams per division

I understand there are a lot of questions, uncertainties and problems out there. It's a long way to go before EYUCup can be a reality. But a huge first step in the right direction was taken on May 20. 

If you feel it can be helpful: Please contact me for a zoom-meeting 1-on-1.

Stay safe

Mattias Ahlgren,
TD EYUCup and the Solidarity Tournament 2021